Hong Kong Companies Ordinance requires that the limited companies have to engage a certified public accountant to issue the audited financial statements every year.

Acquisition of assets and businesses which are high-quality or have potential to rapidly-develop is crucial to the acquiring companies to expand the size and explore the new market. Prior to the acquisition, the acquiring companies are wise to consult or engage a reliable and well-experienced legal advisor to deal with the legal document and procedures aspects. In addition, the acquiring companies also need the assistance of a financial advisor.

The services to be provided by the financial advisor are as follows:

  1. Financial due diligence: To have a wide-ranged financial analysis and investigation on the target assets or businesses prior to the acquisition makes the acquiring companies well aware of the potentials and risks of the target assets or businesses in an objective way;
  2. Profit/Cashflow forecast: It is essential to determine the value of the assets and businesses when the companies intend to acquire or dispose of them. It is common to estimate the value of assets and businesses by reference to the net assets value or profit and cashflow forecast methodology; and
  3. Financial assistance for acquisition of target assets and businesses.
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Tax compliance and planning. Assist clients to deal with tax investigation by Inland Revenue Department

A limited company incorporated in Hong Kong has to observe the following duties as prescribed in the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance and Inland Revenue Ordinance :

  1. Appointment of qualified company secretary who should submit relevant returns and fees to the Companies Registry on a timely basis
  2. Annual payment of Business Registration fee to Business Registration Office
  3. Timely filing of Employer's Return and Profits Tax Return to the Inland Revenue Department
  4. Auditing of company's account by external auditor annually
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We also have different offshore shelf companies including British Virgin Island, Bermuda, Samoa etc. which could be registered in short period of time. For details, please feel free to contact us .