We are in partnership with Morgan Bentley VAT Reclaim, a leading UK VAT reclaim company and we offer you a premier VAT reclaim service that no other agent can match. We offer you:

  • An efficient, personal and confidential reclaim facility
  • Free advice on what is eligible for VAT refund
  • Assessing the value of each claim and advising you of progress
  • Payment by TT, International Bank Draft, or sterling cheque
Very competitive fees: if we are unable to claim a refund, there is no charge


VAT Reclaim is a facility which allows overseas business visitors to Europe reduce their expenses. VAT is a complex sales tax imposed on most goods and services throughout the European Union (EU) and is charged at various rates from 0% to 25%. Overseas business visitors to UK and EU are entitled to reclaim VAT on all eligible business expenses provided you are not registered for VAT in the UK or EU and not liable to be registered.


The following UK and EU goods and services will be eligible for VAT reclaim:

•  Hotel accommodation
•  Exhibition & Conference expenditure
•  Aircraft charter
•  Professional fees *
•  Telephone charges *
•  Training courses
•  Car rentals and vehicle fuel
•  Meals and etc.,

* Refundable in some circumstances

Please note that photocopies, faxed copies, pro-forma invoices and credit card receipts are NOT accepted by any of the EU VAT Authorities. Invoices and Certificate of Status must be in original form.


VAT reclaim is a complicated process but our knowledge and expertise ensures maximum recovery of all VAT on eligible business expenditure. Simply bring the Business Registration Certificate and original invoices and all other bills etc. on which you have been charged VAT to our office for registration and we will handle the complicated process for you. Invoices are returned to us by the tax authorities once claims are processed and can be returned to you if requested.

For business visitors from outside the European Union, the annual claim period is 1st July to 30th June with a further period of 6 months allowed (to the 31st December) in which to submit the claim. For business visitors originating from within the European Union, the claim period is 1st January to the 31st December with a further period of six months (to the 30th June) in which to submit the claim. Normally, the UK and EU Tax Authority usually pays within 6 months.


You have nothing to pay in advance for our services. We retain our commission based on the size of the claim and will be agreed with you before hand.